'What's the difference between wearing a seat belt and a face mask? It should be mandatory' - Express readers have say on compulsory mask rules

Face masks will be compulsory in shops in England from July 24 with fines to be issued for people who do not comply.
Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson
Boris Johnson

Wearing masks on public transport has been mandatory since June 15 and the new rules put England in line with Scotland and other European countries seriously affected by the virus, such as France, Spain and Italy.

Express readers shared their views about the new rules on our Facebook page.

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Richard Williams said: “Mixed messages again from a totally useless government.”

Chris Harnell said: “Just because lockdown is eased doesn’t mean it’s all over.

Luke Sparham said: “Five months into the pandemic – great timing!”

Barrie Evans said: “I really can’t understand why some people object to wearing a mask in shops and enclosed spaces. It’s for their and everyone else’s safety.

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“We don’t even think twice about wearing a seat belt in a car, or a crash helmet to ride a bike.

“So what’s the difference with wearing a face mask in public? It should be mandatory until this pandemic has been bought under control.”

Sarah Beaumont said: “I think people should have the choice. End of.”

Kathryn Spencer said: “It is to protect others, often those more vulnerable that yourself, so yes, should definitely be worn. Not enough people are making the choice to help protect others I’m afraid.”

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Danielle Monden said: From someone who has their own business in Wakefield I personally think this will be the final nail in the coffin in killing the High Street. No one will want to come out shopping wearing a mask.

“I completely understand why this may be necessary but from a business side of things I think it will have a negative effect.”

Nathan Sheffield said: “If it’s going to potentially stop another outbreak of the virus then I’m all for it!”