Over 30,000 people sign petition to bring back McDonald's plastic straws

Hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to express their anger at the new paper straws.
Hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to express their anger at the new paper straws.

McDonald's customers are demanding the restaurant chain reinstate the plastic straws after countless complaints about their paper replacement.

The fast-food chain is gradually making the switch from plastic to paper in across their 1,361 restaurants after facing pressure from environmentalists to become more eco-friendly.

But the new straws are not pleasing everyone with countless customers saying their are disappointed, many of which are taking to Twitter to express their annoyance at the quality.

Even a petition demanding for McDonald's to bring back plastic straws has already received well over 30,000 signatures.

Here are some of the tweets and problems customers are having:

One said: "Has anyone tried to get a milkshake through a new @McDonalds paper straw. There’s got to be a better solution to this. Maybe a fork?"

"@McDonalds I think your paper straws are more of a chocking hazard than your plastic ones ! My 4 year old nearly swallowed the soggy paper straw yesterday GET IT SORTED!!"

"@McDonalds Paper straws . But still plastic covers. Not trying hard enough."

Another customer said: "@McDonalds #paperstraws #yuk are the worst quality leaving a horrible taste in your mouth! We had a banana thick shake and it tasted terrible with the thick fat paper straw. Shake lost its flavour and was like drinking fat! Won’t be buying another! #vile."

One tweet said: @McDonalds new paper straws make me cringe like biting down on a woolly jumper please... look at another option they are horrendous!"

"I absolutely hate the new paper straws at @McDonalds. They dissolve into sludge in your drink and stick to your mouth. Is there not something better to make the straws out of? #appauling."

But others were quick to defend McDonald's saying:

"If you're moaning over McDonalds paper straws then you need to re-evaluate your life."

"If you’re one of the 30k people who have signed the petition for @McDonalds to bring back plastic straws because it “ruins your drink”, your priorities need a serious looking at - your plastic straw aids in ruining the planet, so suck it up and use a paper straw."

A spokesperson for McDonald's said: “Our suppliers have made us paper straws that last at least 30 minutes in most, if not all liquids.

"They were introduced following customer feedback, and we are pleased to be doing the right thing in removing plastic from our restaurants and taking significant steps to reduce our environmental impact.”