Party member savaged by dog

John Newsome has had his hand savaged by dog
John Newsome has had his hand savaged by dog

A PARISH councillor had his hand mauled by a dog while delivering Labour Party leaflets.

John Newsome, 69, was bitten by the animal as he pushed the leaflet into a letterbox of a house in Durkar.

And he needed a three-hour operation to save the fingers on his right hand but he could still be left with permanentdamage.

Mr Newsome, of Upper Lane, Netherton, said: “I don’t like to leave leaflets hanging out because it’s an invitation to burglars to say there’s no-one at home.

“I pushed the leaflet through with my hand and I heard a sudden crash against the door.

“Then I felt these teeth wrapping themselves around my fingers.”

He immediately ripped his hand out which was dripping with blood.

The flesh had been ripped from one finger, a nail was lost from another and his thumb was also badly injured.

Because the nerves in his hands had been damaged he couldn’t feel any pain.

Mr Newsome said: “Fortunately I’ve been doing first aid for more than 50 years, so with my other hand I applied direct pressure because the blood was spurting out.”

A resident came to his rescue and gave him a tea towel to wrap round his hand. Mr Newsome then rushed to Pinderfields Hospital.

He said: “There were no warning signs outside the house saying ‘beware of the dog’ and I couldn’t hear barking as I approached the house.”

Despite the incident, the former councillor for the Rural Ward and current Sitlington Parish Council member has not been put off delivering political leaflets.

He said: “Next time I go I’ll take a wooden spoon to push the leaflets through the door.”

Police have been informed about the incident.