Pathologist tells of dead boy’s severe injuries

Pazeer Ahmed
Pazeer Ahmed

A PATHOLOGIST told a murder trial how a little boy had died from severe head and abdominal injuries.

Dr Brian Rodgers was giving evidence in the trial of Pazeer Ahmed who is accused of killing his five year-old son Haroon Bhatti.

Ahmed, 35, denies murder but has admitted the manslaughter of his son who was found dead at their home in Aberford Road on January 23.

Dr Rodgers said: “I think we have to accept this is severe force to fracture the skull of a five year-old-child. You can’t get it from a standing height fall or a low level fall.”

He likened it to the kind of impact you see in a car crash or a fall from a balcony.

Dr Rodgers told the jury at Leeds Crown Court yesterday (Thursday): “The head injury would be enough to kill this child, the abdominal injury would be enough to kill this child.”

His abdominal injuries were extensive including bleeding within the abdominal cavity, bruising to the diaphragm and bleeding around the pancreas and liver.

Dr Rodgers said he believed there had to be severe trauma to cause such a “cluster of injuries”.

He added: “They are like crushing type injuries where the abdominal structures have been squashed against the spine.”

The pathologist said one forceful punch could have caused them or possibly someone kneeling on the abdomen “but considerable trauma when you have damage to these deep, well protected organs.”

The trial has already heard allegations that Ahmed inflicted a catalogue of injuries on Haroon in the two months before he died.

Prosecutor Julian Goose QC said: “By January 23 Haroon had been subjected to repeated violence over many weeks at the hands of the defendant.

“He had been burnt with cigarettes and also with a household iron; he had been bitten so as to cause deep bruises, he had been repeatedly punched or hit, causing him to be bruised and cut to various parts of his body, including his genital area.

“He suffered repeated fracturing to his bones. More seriously, in the hours leading up to his death, severe force was used to strike him to the head, most probably by banging his head against the bathroom wall.

“He had also received severe blows to the abdomen, the body, causing massive internal bleed and his death was a result of these injuries to his brain and internal organs.”

The trial continues.