Pensioner died in house fire inquest told

A pensioner died after a fire broke out in her home, an inquest heard.
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Maureen Mountain, 71, died after a fire engulfed her home on Leeds Road, Lofthouse, on Saturday.

Neighbours, staff and customers at the nearby Gardener’s Arms pub all tried to rescue her from the blazing house.

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Emergency services arrived at 10.10pm but Mrs Mountain was later pronounced dead at the scene.

The inquest heard Mrs Mountain, a retired cleaner, was suffering from dementia.

Coroner David Hinchliff said: “According to her husband, Peter, she slept downstairs. Her dementia caused her to be confused and forgetful.

“She did not secure any medical help despite her family encouraging her to do so.

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“She was a smoker which her husband tried to discourage her from doing especially at night.”

On Saturday Mr Mountain had gone to bed and his wife was left downstairs alone.

But Mr Mountain woke up at around 10pm after smoke was coming from the staircase.

Mr Hinchliff said: “He made his way downstairs and discovered her sitting in an armchair which was on fire.”

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Emergency services were called but Mrs Mountain was pronounced dead at the scene at 10.27pm.

Mr Hinchliff said a post mortem had been carried out and doctor Paul Bennett at Pinderfields Hospital was awaiting the results to determine the cause of death.

The hearing was adjourned pending the outcome of further enquiries by police and the fire service.