Pensioner robbed in his own home

77 year old Trevor Mathery who was robbed.
77 year old Trevor Mathery who was robbed.

MASKED robbers attacked a pensioner in his own home.

The two hooded men burst into Trevor Mathery’s home and knocked him to the ground.

Mr Mathery, 77, was left with deep gouges and severe bruising to his arm and had to spend time in Pinderfields Hospital after the vicious incident.

He said: “One asked me if I had change for a £20 note – I said no. Then the second asked if he could have a drink of water. I thought that was peculiar so I said no again.

“Then they both pushed me back, into the door, and onto the floor.”

The hooded intruders frisked Mr Mathery before making off with cash.

Mr Mathery said it was the fourth time he has been victim to burglars since last October.

He said: “It seems to happen roughly every three weeks. The first time they got in through the kitchen window and took a jar which had money in it.

“The second time they broke the main window at the back of house, ransacked the house and took more money. It must be the same people.”

He believes whoever is behind the burglaries targeted him because he lives alone.

Mr Mathery said: “They obviously thought there was nothing worth breaking in for this time so they would try me instead. I don’t even leave a penny in the house now.

“Every time I go out I’m worried incase there’s been another break-in again.”

Detectives are hunting for two white men with local accents in connection with the attack, which took place on Rutland Street, Portobello, at 6.30pm last Wednesday.

One of the suspects is about 20, 6ft tall, slim and has a slim face. He was wearing a black hooded top and a brown woolly-type hat.

The other is thought to be aged between 18 to 20, around 5ft 10ins tall and of medium build. He was wearing dark clothing.

Anyone with any information should contact Wakefield CID on 0845 6060606 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.