48 photos that will take you back to a night out in Flares in 2006 and 2007

Who remembers a good old night out in Flares in 2006 and 2007?

By Leanne Clarke
Monday, 5th August 2019, 5:12 pm
Recognise anyone?
Recognise anyone?

From birthdays and hen parties to fancy dress and just your regular Friday and Saturday night out, popular club Flares has seen them all. So, do you remember having your photo taken? Maybe not! But we've got plenty here to jog your memory!

Danny and Gemma outside Flares in May 2007
Liam and Peter have a splash outside Flares in 2007.
Hannah, Carrie and Katie on a night out in 2007.
Mike, Brad, Rob, Danny, Laura and Pij outside Flares in 2007.
'Chung Mister' and 'Keresh the King Pin' on a night out in Wakefield in 2007.
Michael and Katie in 2006.
Kelly and Cheryl in Flares in 2006.
Madge, Lynda, Tracey and Briony on a night out in 2006.
Gayle, Vicky and Susie having a blast in 2006.
Chris, James and Michael in 2006.
Vicky is all smiles for the camera in 2006.
Lisa and Julia on a night out in 2006.
Laura, Steven, Nicky, Joanna, Donna and Helen enjoying a couple of drinks.
Helen, Joanne and Lorraine in 2006.
Carol, Emma and Lisa in Flares in 2006.
Amy and Pamela in Flares.
Ruth and Helen have a night out to watch England v Portugal in July 2006.
Tracey, Tommo, Maloney and Sarah out to watch the England match in 2006.
Emma, Mellissa, Lucy and Cheryl on the town for the England match.
Lillian, Tracy, Teressa, Angie and Joanne out to watch the football in 2006.
Joy and Carly.
Hannah and Darren have a night out in Flares in 2006.
Dave and Leigh out in Flares celebrating Leigh's 20th birthday.
Amy and James in Flares.
The lads said they were known as 'The Lionels' in Flares in 2006
Vicky, Lisa, Alex and Gemma on a night out in Flares in 2006.
Tracey, Joanne, Kim and Sally.
Diane and Michelle have a catch up in 2006.
Lolly, Irene, Joan and Jill have a night out and natter in 2006.
Hen's out celebrating Tracey's pending marriage, 2006 in Flares.
Cheryl, Sonia, Michelle and Kelly.
Zoe and Emma enjoy a night out in Flares in 2006.
Jane, Danielle and Keeley.
Helen, Roopy and Nicole.
Nicola, Karen and Helen.
Chris, Sue, Sam, Elaine and Elaine having a night out.
Rebecca, Mary and Francesca.
Samantha and Caroline.
Noel and Paul.
Diane, Clair and Eve.
Chris, Nikki, Pam, Nichola and Anne.
Tracy, Chris, Becci and Mick.
Sara and Vicky.
Bob, Richard Kelly and Jayne.
Shirley and Sylivia have a catch up.
Kirsty and Charlotte.
Bev, Rose and Jackie