BAFTA Award winning 'Cruising With Jane McDonald’ returns for an exciting new series.

With over 20 years of sailing the seas, Wakefield's Jane McDonald has become an authority on how to cruise with confidence, exploring popular cruise routes and also the more obscure.

While on board the ships, Jane surveys the cuisine, the décor, the entertainment and experiences the excursions, from the cultural to the exhilarating, meeting likeminded passengers and local characters all in her affable and inimitable style.

A nervous Jane whizzes down Niagara Falls on a 700m long zip line.

A nervous Jane whizzes down Niagara Falls on a 700m long zip line.

In the first episode, Jane McDonald uncovers a little-known cruise route in the Great Lakes of America and Canada. Heading to post-industrial Cleveland she joins her gang of fellow cruisers to explore the sights of this re-emerging city.

She then pops into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame to cast eyes on memorabilia from her musical heroes before continuing her journey, visiting the natural wonder of Niagara Falls.

Not satisfied with being drenched by the sheer force of the waterfalls she opts to take an adrenalin pumping zip line across the falls - and after enjoying the sublime sophistication of French Canada, Jane ends her cruise jet-boating across the perilous rapids outside Montreal.

Cruising with Jane starts tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.