Chairman bikes from Wakefield to Wembley to get junior rugby players to France

Ade Fleming, centre, and friends fly the flag for Eastmoor at MK Dons on the way to Wembley
Ade Fleming, centre, and friends fly the flag for Eastmoor at MK Dons on the way to Wembley

A rugby chairman and four accomplices have walked and biked 175 miles from Eastmoor to Wembley to pay for their junior team to go on tour in France.

Ade Fleming, 36, and son Lee Fleming, Mike Robey, Mark Matthews and Harry Levett took on the challenge to raise cash to pay for Eastmoor Junior Dragons to go on a rugby league trip to Toulouse next year.

Ade said: "It started as a joke at first over a few gallons of ale then we ended up saying we'd do it.

"I know for some of the kids it'll be the first time they've been abroad, it will be a brand new experience for them.

"We took a group out in 2008 and some of those lads still talk about it today. We want to make new memories for these kids and get them out to some warm weather.

"When you see some of the lads who came last time it's the first thing they bring up."

He said they were struck by how helpful strangers were on their journey, helping with drinks and bike repairs.

They also managed to talk their way into Leicester City and MK Dons' grounds for pictures.

Wakefield Trinity supporter Ade, who lives in Outwood, said: "We had a fantastic time and everyone was good to us. It was a great experience. I'm still collecting sponsorship money so I couldn't say the total we raised but without a doubt it'll definitely happen - we'll get those kids to France."

Plans are in place for the club to take part in a tournament in the southern French city and play against teams from all over Europe.

Former Wakefield Trinity player Bobbie Goulding will speak at a fundraiser curry night to be hosted at Eastmoor Dragons to raise cash for the trip.

Tickets are £15 for the event on Saturday, September 28. Pie and pies will also be served for anyone who doesn't like curry.

For tickets or to sponsor the tour call Ade on 07470 341422 or search for the club on Facebook.