Channel 4 programme investigates 'shoddy standards' of new build homes in Wakefield

A Wakefield couple had to wait three months to move into their home after discovering 200 faults, according to a new TV programme.

Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 12:17 pm
A new Channel 4 programme has investigated allegations of "shoddy" building standards in Wakefield homes.Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The new Channel 4 programme has investigated allegations of "shoddy" building standards in Wakefield homes.

Dispatches: Britain's New Build Scandal aired on Monday night, and featured two Wakefield homeowners who claimed they had been let down by Persimmon.

Channel 4 said the programme "investigates allegations of shoddy standards, poor customer care, sky high profits and executive bonuses at Britain’s most profitable builder, Persimmon."

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One of the show's case studies, Becky Williams, said she waited more than 16 months for the company to fix problems with her home.

After purchasing her house in December 2017, she discovered a series of snags, including a smashed front window, too small door frames and cracks along the side of a staircase.

When she moved in, there were still builders on site, and a workbench in the middle of her living room.

Earlier this year, a Kippax couple reported finding 700 faults with their Persimmon home.Lukas Platts and Richard Day, who also featured on the show, say they were threatened with fines in the final stages of purchasing their property.

Persimmon are expected to build around 700 homes in Wakefield, including at Lindale Park in Alverthorpe. Picture: Google Maps.

They received a call confirming that the property was ready, and were told that if they did not complete the final paperwork and pick up their keys by 5pm, they would face a fine of £50 a day, and leave themselves at risk of legal action.

But after picking up the keys, they discovered 200 minor and 5 major issues with their house, and were unable to move in for three months.

They had to pay their mortgage for that period.

In 2016, the Express reported that Persimmon were expected to build around 700 homes in Wakefield.Persimmon say that the couple were given the required 14 days notice of completion.

In response to the programme, which can be viewed here, Persimmon said: "We fully accept that on too many occasions in the past we have fallen short. We apologise without reservation to the customers featured in this programme.

"We can and will do better."

Persimmon point to their new retention policy as a "a clear signal of cultural change within our business".