Disgust after hedgehog baby killed by children who kicked and drowned it

Baby hedgehog who was tortured by a gang of children
Baby hedgehog who was tortured by a gang of children

A baby hedgehog was tortured by a gang of children who kicked and poured water over it.

The tiny creature was picked up and kicked by two boys, before a girl poured water over it which got into its lungs, according to a local wildlife shelter.

Castleford Hedgehog Rescue shared the horrific story on their Facebook page, writing: "Our hearts are broken."

Despite efforts to treat her, the female hoglet who weighed just 150g passed away.

It's understood the creature was found on Thornhill Road, Castleford, just a two-minute walk from the shelter, on Saturday last weekend.

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In a post, the rescue wrote the baby hedgehog was "taken away by children who [were] kicking her around".

"There [were] two boys doing the kicking and a girl who was pouring water on a 150g baby.

"When the hoglet arrived we [were] told the story and our hearts sank, we couldn't believe what we [were] hearing, this poor innocent little baby was being drowned and kicked to death by these three kids and being so close to our rescue we battled so hard to keep her going but today she has passed away.

"Three children have killed a tiny hoglet that was doing nothing but being so scared wondering where her mammy is and why humans was hurting her on purpose".

Castleford Hedgehog Rescue, based in Glasshoughton, is a small not-for-profit shelter that takes in lost or injured hedgehogs.

The rescue added: "Rest in peace little girl I'm so sorry about what happened to you, our hearts are broken".

You can follow their Facebook page here.