Dog First Aid courses being offered to Wakefield pet owners

Dog first Aid courses are being offered to pet owners and professionals working with dogs in Wakefield.

Lou Johnson is an experienced trainer and has run a very successful Dog First Aid business in Hertfordshire before upping sticks and moving to Yorkshire recently.

She is now offering to pass on her knowledge to anybody in the area that is interested in this useful skill.

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Lou is keen to start teaching dog owners how to care for their pet in an emergency situation and give them the skills they need to save a dog’s life should it be needed.

Time spent volunteering at dog rescue centres across the world led Lou to feel passionately about animal welfare, and the need for people to be responsible about the care they are able to offer their dog.

An owner of two dogs herself, named Doris and May, Lou said: “I have had several emergencies with my dogs or others that I have been caring for.

“May had a severe cut to her paw when we were out walking which bled profusely.

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“I have also had a dog suffer from heatstroke, and another time I had to separate a dog fight and deal with bite injuries.

“All of these scenarios, and many others, are covered in the Dog First Aid course.”

Lou, who is also a qualified Animal Healer registered with the Healing Animals Organisation, attended a course herself before deciding she wanted to offer them to others.

She said: “I found the course really useful. I learnt so much and felt really confident afterwards that I would be able to look after a dog needing emergency care, and also spot the signs of serious illness and get them to a vet in time to help.”

To book, email Lou on [email protected].