Everything’s gone green at Westgate - railway station is most eco-friendly in Europe

Wakefield Westgate.
Wakefield Westgate.

Wakefield Westgate has been named as Europe’s greenest railway station.

The £8.6m station received the praise from BREEM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), which rates and certifies the sustainability of buildings.

It commended the central building management system, which ensures East Coast can stop cold winter draughts or summer heat waves affecting surrounding temperatures.

BREEM acknowledged the solar panels on the roof which feeds power to the station’s facilities and retail units, including Costa Coffee and Greggs .

The building was praised for recycling almost all of its waste generated, including composting left-over food.

Heavy rainfall in the area also gets put to good use.

All the rainwater that falls on the roof is collected, filtered and used for both staff and public toilets.

East Coast’s environment manager James Harbridge said: “We are not having to rely on pumped water from the local mains. We are taking some of the sting out of the tail of really heavy rainfall that contributes to flooding of local streams and rivers.

“As rainfall intensity increases, this is an important part of the station’s contribution to local sustainability.”