Ferrybridge Power Station: Your photos show the demolition of four cooling towers at West Yorkshire landmark

Four of Ferrybridge Power Station's cooling towers were demolished yesterday morning in a spectacular event.

Monday, 14th October 2019, 9:56 am
Updated Monday, 14th October 2019, 10:56 am
Four of Ferrybridge Power Station's cooling towers were demolished yesterday morning in a spectacular event.

These photos, submitted by members of the public, show the demolition in progress. For videos, pictures and updates from across the day, click here. Think your photos are better? Send them on Facebook or email [email protected] for a chance to be featured in our coverage.

The seven Ferrybridge towers stand watch over the M62 in the moments before demolition.
Just moments later, the towers are reduced to rubble. Take a look at the photos below to see how the demolition unfolded.
Cerys enjoys a last view of the towers before they are reduced to rubble.
Tina Smith captured one last sunset over the towers on the evening before the demolition.
A little rain was not enough to scare off the people of Ferrybridge, who turned out to watch the demolition in their droves.
It lasted only a few seconds, but captured the attention of thousands. Nathan Langley caught this snap of the crowds watching the demolition.
This snap from Trace Millington shows the angles at which each of the towers fell.
Donna Coope joined the crowds for a clear view of the demolition.
Kelly Charlesworth took this picture of the towers in their final moments, lost in the clouds of a misty Sunday morning.
Sally Johnston captured the moment that explosives cracked the shell of this collapsing tower.
This photo from George Howe captures the towers collapsing in on themselves.
Stood on the River Aire, Kelly Charlesworth snapped this shot of the towers beginning to fold.
Martin Elsey caught this photo of the towers beginning to fold in on themselves.
The cooling towers seem to curl in on themselves in this shot by Paul England.
Heavy rain helped to dampen the dust as the towers fell, making the cleanup job a little easier.
Heavy cloud and damp air meant that some people faced restricted viewing - but Stephen Bell wasn't going to let that stop him.
Taken from afar, this snap from Stephen Bell shows the towers beginning to fall - and the eerily quiet M62, which had been closed while the demolition was carried out.
Sally Johnston's keen eye caught this shot of the three remaining cooling towers, just as the dust from demolition started to settle.
Baby William Albert Wright was possibly the youngest person there. His family came from Australia to see him and catch the spectacle. His Granddad was called to work at the towers following a hurricane disaster in the 60s.
This photo was captured post 'boom' by Steve Scarlett