Heartwarming video of Castleford brother and sister calling for help to give other children 'happy memories'

Hollie and Charlie are hoping to raise money for the charities to help less fortunate children.
Hollie and Charlie are hoping to raise money for the charities to help less fortunate children.

Kind hearted siblings from Castleford have made a short video asking for help fundraising for two very special charities.

Mum Jennie Brooks, from Ferry Fryston, posted the video on social media of her 12-year-old daughter Hollie and six-year-old son Charlie, explaining why they are raising money for the NSPCC and Make a Wish charity.

Hollie and Charlie will be taking part in a Junior Warrior, 3km, 10 obstacle course on June 22 at Bramham Park to raise money for the charities.

In the video Hollie explains: "The NSPCC helps children get out of abusive situations. Every child should have family who supports and cares for them."

Charlie, who is raising money for the Make a Wish children's charity, said: "I'm raising money to give children happy memories with their families."

Proud mum Jennie said: "I am massively proud. The children saw a post for junior warrior from my husband as he takes part in it himself. They said straight away they wanted to do it, so I suggested they do it for charity and they loved the idea.

"Charlie really wanted to help all the poorly children to have happy memories with their families and Hollie wanted abused children to get out of that situation and feel safe and protected.

"I think it's really important to teach the kids that not everyone has the life that they do and we can take the smallest of things for granted.

"We live in a time of fake and bad things and I think being able to show the kids all aspects of life will keep them grounded and, along the way, make some amazing memories."

Jennie said because of Charlie's age, she will also be doing the course.

"Been able to do this with my kids is amazing," she said.

To donate to these two charities and support Hollie and Charlie, visit their Just Giving pages.

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