Here's what YOU have to say about plans to turn Wakefield's main Post Office into a hotel

The news that Wakefield's former main Post Office could be in line for a new hotel has been met with mixed reaction by you, our readers.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 10:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 11:49 am
The site, afour-storey building at the junction of Providence Street and Northgate,is currently made up of 15 apartments.

The site, a four-storey building at the junction of Providence Street and Northgate, is currently made up of 15 apartments.

FULL STORY: Hotel plan for Wakefield’s old Post OfficeDevelopers are looking to change the use of the apartments to nine apart-hotel rooms and 30 hotel rooms.

Police did not object to the development but expressed concern about the booking system that would be used, which would involve paying for a room online and then using a code to access the room, with no reception.

The site, afour-storey building at the junction of Providence Street and Northgate,is currently made up of 15 apartments.

Here's what you had to say on the proposal:

Hannah Casey: "Good idea to put an empty building to use. Remember, people are needing hotels for work as well as leisure. There's a lot of construction work happening in Wakefield in the next few years with the drama college and City Fields. Construction workers will be needed.

The Ridings Shopping Centre: "A good idea, we need more hotels."

David Ward: "It would be a good site for a post office."

Yasmin Ashraf: "Let's just take a moment and question this...what is priority for Wakefield at the moment and years to come? Is it investing money into something which will bring money back into Wakefield? Or maybe investing money into the youth of our Wakefield who are completely going of rails? if it was up to me I would invest in a youth club."

Nick Winter: "What ever happens it will probably take years for Wakefield Council to grant permission for development."

Katie Farnell: "A decent swimming baths with bowling and stuff would be nice."

Jonathan Atkins: "A quick Google shows 22 hotels around Wakefield. Not sure we need another."

Jason Kilner: "From reading the article it looks likely to be a receipe for disaster. No reception or on-site management, just CCTV which is only as good as who's operating it. With the risk of theft from rooms, vandalism and anti-social behaviour is this really what we need?"

Paul Noble: "No problem good idea and will put it to use. Wakefield needs more hotels - preferably a Premier Inn."

Andrew Pointon: "Reel Cinema should have opened there instead of in a That's Entertainment. They could have had a lot more space for seats and screens at least."

Andy Hemingway: "You mean like the court house hotel (never happened) or the police station hotel (that also never happened) just another idea to keep somebody in the council talking to somebody else in the council for a few years until they both realise there is another unrealistic project to talk about. Maybe something like let’s turn the Market Hall into a picture house."

Andrea Eccleston: "It was fine as a post office. That thing we have today is ridiculous."

Michelle Hampshire: "Do you have to pay to park as well as it would deter people away?"

Jennie Dolan: "Personally I think it’s better then leaving it to go derelict."

Nicky Cuniff: "Why don’t they split it? Do half in a doctors and half in a dentist."

Brent Moorby: "Turn into an Elvis museum and we call all lie and say he lived here."