Ladies are tackling fast fashion by opening a unique shop

The women behind Posh Ragz in Pontefract
The women behind Posh Ragz in Pontefract

A group of retired ladies are tackling fast fashion one piece at a time by opening a unique dress agency in Pontefract’s Magistrates Market selling nearly new pieces for events.

Kate, Gillian, Maggie and Mo decided to give up their retiree lifestyle this summer and go back to work by opening their recycled fashion business Posh Ragz in July.

Posh Ragz re-sells clothes and accessories for outings such as weddings and the races but also upmarket everyday wear, as environmentalists claim buying one-off outfits contributes to climate change.

Speaking about the venture Maggie said: “Most of the clothes are designer so customers still feel like they are buying a special item.

“Posh Ragz selects pre-loved clothes so ladies can buy a new outfit without the hefty price tag and less harm to the environment”

The women added: “There are enormous environmental benefits to recycling unwanted clothing.

“Buying pre- loved clothing that will survive for many more years would in a small way reduce the overall impact on our planet.

“Lots of women have dresses in their wardrobes which they have worn once or not at all so Posh Ragz accepts items from the public wishing to sell their items”

The government says the UK buys more clothes per person than any other country in Europe. A 2019 Environmental Audit Committee report says there has been growing concern about “fast fashion” when the fashion industry encourages consumers to buy more and as a consequence there is excess waste.

A Barnado’s survey this summer estimated British shoppers will spend roughly £800m on wedding outfits (the average spend per outfit is £80) that they won’t wear again.

Fast fashion is also a major environmental concern as it is a contributor to greenhouse gases, water and air pollution and creates dangerous levels of waste.

Fast fashion can also be associated with poor working conditions in other countries.

Posh Ragz is located on the first floor of the newly revamped Magistrates Court in Pontefract Town Centre.

The shop is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 3pm. Search Posh Ragz on Facebook.