Parliamentary debate on deaths of Bobby and Christi Shepherd

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Failings which led to the deaths of two Horbury school children from carbon monoxide poisoning while on holiday will be debated in parliament.

The case of Bobby and Christi Shepherd, who were poisoned by a faulty boiler in Corfu in 2006, will be discussed by MPs on Tuesday.

Mary Creagh, MP for Wakefield

Mary Creagh, MP for Wakefield

Bobby, six, and Christi, seven, died of carbon monoxide poisoning while on a holiday, booked through Thomas Cook, with their father Neil and his then partner, now wife, Ruth.

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh wants the government and tour operator Thomas Cook to lead a campaign for better carbon monoxide safety.

An inquest in May concluded that the youngsters were unlawfully killed, and that Thomas Cook “breached its duty of care”.

Ms Creagh, who met the new Thomas Cook chief executive Peter Fankhauser last week, said she secured the adjournment debate to highlight how Bobby and Christi were failed.

She said: “Having worked with the family for the past five years, their dearest wish is that no other family suffers a similar tragedy.

“As British families get ready for their summer holidays they want to know they will come home safely.

“That’s why I am pressing Thomas Cook and the UK government to lead a Europe-wide campaign for improved carbon monoxide safety.”

Ms Creagh said ministers had dismissed action at EU level to boost carbon monoxide safety standards.

She added: “That shows a shocking indifference to the safety of holiday makers in the wake of this tragedy. That must change.”

The debate will be held from around 8pm on Tuesday.