Peter and Betty reveal the secret to happiness as they celebrate platinum wedding anniversary

Peter and Betty Connell are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary
Peter and Betty Connell are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary

A couple have revealed their secret to happiness after marking 70 years of marriage.

Peter and Betty Connell celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary on Tuesday, July 30.

Family celebration.

Family celebration.

The couple, who live in Castleford, marked the occasion with a party attended by more than 30 people, and celebrated the day by attending their regular lunch at the Salvation army.

Peter, 89, and Betty, 87, met through work in 1949, and were married at Pontefract Registry Office just a few months later .

Betty said: “We used to work together at the Macaroni Factory (in Castleford).

“We just started going out together then, I was jealous of all the other girls he was getting attention from. We were very young when we got married.”

Following their wedding, the couple moved to Airedale, and Mrs Connell began work at a basket factory with her sister-in-law.

Peter, who was also the first baby born at Castleford War Memorial Maternity Home in September 1929, took up a job at the council, where he worked for more than 30 years.

The couple welcomed a son, Andrew, in 1956, and would later celebrate the arrival of three grandsons, Michael, Paul and Adam, and four great grandchildren - Hannah, Lewis, Jaxon and Joshua.

When asked the secret to their long and happy marriage, Mrs Connell said: “I think he shouts and I take no notice of him. My niece bought us two fancy medals for the party and mine said winner.

“It was lovely, we all went out for a meal and then stopped on and had a drink. Everybody seemed to enjoy it.”

Angela Connell, the couple’s daughter in law, said: “I keep telling her she deserves a medal as big as a dustbin lid.

“They’re still really active and well. They’re not ones for sitting in, they do go down the town and that.”