Plague of rats invading Wakefield street, residents say

A plague of rats have invaded a Wakefield street, with at least six caught in a matter of days.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 8:13 am
Updated Thursday, 8th July 2021, 8:16 am

Pet cats have trapped at least five of the pests, while one was left dead in the middle of the road in Sycamore Copse, in the Lupset area of the city.

Resident Keith Hill said: "People have said it was happening last year but it's there's been quite a few people have noticed it in the last week.

"I saw them quite a bit in my garden last week, and one was sat on my bird table, so I've taken everything down.

One of the rodents found on Sycamore Copse.

"I've put a trap down and they've managed to take the food without it going off.

"Its not pleasant to sit in the garden anymore because we are looking for rats all the time. I've just had to keep all the doors closed.

"It as affected the gardens of five properties, a neighbour's cat was seen catching two rats in the evening in less than 20 minutes.

"We are not quite sure where they are nesting, but we've called the council's pest control people."

Mr Hill said that the council had advised the residents to stop feeding birds and leaving out any kind of food, but he suspects the rats may be coming from gardens that back onto the Sycamore Copse, which are council-owned properties.

Anne Wade, who also live son Sycamore Copse said: "We have seen them three or four times a day, we've watched them come and go. We've shooed the off, only for them to come back.

"We even saw three in our garden at once.

"It's really disquieting, and it means you can't have the doors open to let the fresh air in even though it's summer.

"And we're bit tentative when we're out there gardening.

"We had the problem last year but it doesn't seem to be as bad as this year."

Wakefield Council has confirmed it is looking into the issue.

Gary Blenkinsop, service director for environment, streetscene and climate change said: “Following concerns from local residents that rats have been seen in the local area , the council’s pest control team are working in tandem with WDH Association to investigate the issues raised and action will be taken to eradicate any rat infestation identified."