Residents have told of their shock after crash that claimed the lives of two people

The junction of Woodhouse Lane and Bradford Road.
The junction of Woodhouse Lane and Bradford Road.

Residents in East Ardsley have told of their shock after a crash that claimed the lives of two men and left another two in critical condition.

A black Volkswagen Golf was involved in a crash with a black Ford Focus a silver Mercedes C220 at 6.45am on Wednesday morning.

Police said on Thursday morning that two men, aged 26 and 34, were pronounced dead at the scene, while two others remain in a critical condition.

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They two men who were killed have been named online as Matthew Wilson and Ian Broadhurst.

Residents who live nearby said the crash was "tragic" and called for speed cameras to be set up on the road.

Brenda Watson, 86, said cars speed up and down the road past her home every day.

She said a blind corner at the top of the road was very dangerous due to the amount of cars which park around the junction.

Speaking from her home, she said: "There is a corner and it is a blind corner.

"Cars park all the way along that corner.

"I don't really know what happened but there are always cars parking all the way to the top.

"Every single day the cars are there."

Two men dead and two critical after horror East Ardsley crash near M1

Brenda called for speed cameras to be set up on the stretch of Woodhouse Lane before the junction.

She said speed warning signs were very hard to see, with one hidden behind tree branches near her home.

She said: "I think speed cameras would be a good idea.

"There has not been any accidents on the road, it is the corner.

"Residents do get fed up of cars going fast up and down."

Brenda also believes yellow parking lines should be painted on the junction to prevent the amount of cars parking - which blocks the road.

She said: "There should be some yellow lines on the road to stop the parking at the top.

"The sign which says 20 on the road, it is so hard to see it.

"I can remember when this was a little lane, not a fast road."
Another resident said drivers go "very fast" up and down the road.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said the corner is a "blind spot" due to so many parked vehicles.

She described how the early morning smash closed the road for the majority of the day.

She added: "I did not know until [my husband] went up and it was all blocked off.

"There were police there in the morning.

"It is bad pulling out on that corner. It is a bit of a blind spot.

"The view is blocked by the cars which are parked there.

"It is so sad.