Richard says farewell to Sun Lane Garage after more than 30 years

Richard Turner has retired after 31 years.
Richard Turner has retired after 31 years.

A car garage owner left work for the final time after clocking up more than 31 years with the same company.

Richard Turner, 69, has owned Sun Lane Garage, on Sun Lane, since December 1982.

On Tuesday, he handed over the reins of the business to his long-time friend and the garage’s manager Ian Goodall.

Mr Turner, of Thornhill, Dewsbury, said: “I am ready for retirement. I have been here for quite a long time and think it is time for a change.

“Most of my customers are not just customers, they are good friends. That is what I will miss most.”

Mr Turner has more than 54 years experience of working in the motor industry.

He spent six years as an apprentice at a garage in Ings Road, Wakefield, after leaving school.

Inspired by his brother who was employed as a mechanic, Mr Turner then worked at a garage by the A1 and another in Stanley.

Looking back at his time at Sun Lane Garage, he said there has been plenty highs and lows.

Mr Turner said: “When the miners’ strike happened in 1984, that was really hard for us because many of the people involved were our customers.

“But many of them stuck with us.

“It picked up again in the 1980s and 90s then the recession hit.

“I want to thank all the customers who helped us through those times and although it has been hard work, we are slowly coming out of the recession.

“We also had plenty of highs over the years and I really enjoyed working at Sun Lane.”

Mr Turner said his job had changed drastically over the years, especially due to advancements in technology.

He said: “At one time if something was wrong then they would bring in their car and you would repair it.

“Because cars have become so complex it is not as cost effective to repair them. We now have become a throw-away society.

“The technology side is quite exciting but the fact is cars don’t break down as much as they used to.”

Mr Turner said he was looking forward to spending more time with his family and enjoying his hobbies.

He said: “I really like scuba diving and going to watch rugby league games so that’s what I plan to do with my time.”

Sun Lane Garage manager Ian Goodall, who has worked with Richard Turner for 27 years, has taken over as the garage’s new owner.

Mr Goodall said he will miss working with Mr Turner and wished him all the best in his retirement.

Mr Turner said he was confident the company was in good hands.

He added: “Ian is a good lad and I have enjoyed working with him –well, I wouldn’t have for 27 years if he wasn’t!”