Security fence proposal for rugby club plagued by vandalism

Security fencing is being considered for a rugby club plagued by anti-social behaviour, including vandalism and reported drug dealing.

By Nick Frame
Friday, 3rd September 2021, 7:00 am

Sandal Rugby Club recently called on residents to report issues, but following a crisis meeting between club officials, councillors and residents, it was suggested more stringent action was required.

The club may look at building security gates at the club’s main entrances.

The front car park entry is to be reviewed with a barrier potentially put in place to close the club car park on an evening.

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Coun Johnson says persistent vandalism means the club are being left with few options.

In addition, there were talks about installing more CCTV cameras focussing on the spectator stand, where youths are known to congregate.

It was suggested that the stand needs cleaning twice a week from litter, usually empty cans of alcohol as well as smashed bottles.

Bins had been installed but with little effect.

Meanwhile, evidence of drug use and suspected drug dealing - with cars making drop-offs caught on CCTV - have also been logged but with insufficient evidence to bring a prosecution.

Coun Johnson says options are being explored.

Ward councillor, Karl Johnson, said: "We understand that kids and youths want somewhere to go, and we're doing as much as we can to find these places, however that's not an excuse for a small minority to let the area down.

"For something that is such a great benefit to the area, it should not be getting to the point where we have to lock everything up and put fencing up, but if people are not going to treat it with respect then we have no choice.

"We are looking at options and possibilities, and seeing what action will be taken by the police.

"People should keep contacting the police on 101. It’s a simple fact that the more that gets recorded, the more it gets logged on the system and then action can be taken."

A second meeting is being arranged with the police, and test purchasing could be carried out at local shops for the sale of alcohol to those underage.