Shopkeeper with a ‘total disregard’ for rules agrees to sell his Pontefract shop

A shopkeeper with a “total disregard for legislation” has agreed to sell his store after it was found to be illegally selling alcoholic drinks.

Attah Minol, who runs Zabka, on Horsefair Precinct, Pontefract, had failed to pay his annual licensing fee, but was still selling alcohol to customers, a hearing was told.

The off-licence came to the attention of the authorities after it was suspected of selling illegal cigarettes.

Mr Minol has now agreed to a number of regulations for the shop, including the installation of a new CCTV system.

PC Toby Warden told the hearing:“Cans should be sold in a minimum of (packs of) four and nothing in excess of six percent.

“Mr Minol and his two staff are not able to have any dealings with the business so it will be new management and staff.”

The licensing sub-committee agreed that the license will be allowed to continue, subject to the revised conditions, including the securing of a new owner, being fulfilled within 21 days.

Coun Sandra Pickin told the hearing: “I’m angry that they have now decided to sell the business and not come here for us to do a hearing. I think it’s wrong that they can do that.

“My main concern is that they’re now going to get shot of this business and go somewhere else and set up another business.”

But PC Paul Dean said that any future applications in Mr Minol’s name would consider his business history.

He said: “Mr Minol is not going to be welcome in Wakefield any more.”