Sign of the times....liquorice fest board leaves shoppers confused

The sign on Beastfair
The sign on Beastfair

Shoppers in Pontefract have been left scratching their heads this week after a confusing sign about the upcoming liquorice festival was erected in the town centre.

The road closure sign warns that Beastfair will close during the event, but says it will shut on Sunday, June 7, rather than July 7.

Leanne Raines took the photo and posted it on Facebook which attracted dozens of comments.

She said: "I noticed it whilst I was sat outside the Magistrates Market.

"I am short sighted so thought I saw it wrong but when I walked towards Tesco realised it was the wrong month.

"I was still tempted to tape the right month to the sign!"

One Facebook user said they had contacted the council who said that Centurion Management, responsible for the signs, was set to alter the mistake today.