Tributes paid to Second World War veteran and family man Stan

Stan, pictured with two of his great grandchildren, loved spending time with his family.
Stan, pictured with two of his great grandchildren, loved spending time with his family.

Tributes have been paid to a Second World War veteran who has passed away at the age of 93.

Arthur Stanley Gawthorpe, known to his friends as Stan, was born in Knottingley in 1925.

At the age of 18, Mr Gawthorpe joined the army, where he served as a member of the Reconnaissance Regiment before joining the Assault Troops.

His granddaughter, Nicola Robinson, said: “Stan’s army days were a big topic of conversation and he treasured so many memories from those days.

“He was very proud of what they achieved in the war, but also very sad for the loss of lives for so many young men.

“We used to love listening to his stories when he recalled things that had happened in the war. He had so many personal stories from the war and he always recalled them with such pride.”

After the war, Mr Gawthorpe returned to Knottingley, where he worked on the railway.

He married Jean Mary Gawthorpe and the couple later welcomed two daughters, Gwen and Karen.

Mr Gawthorpe would later become grandfather to, Nicola and Claire, and welcome four great-grandchildren - Ashton, Amelia, Evalyn and Jacob.

Nicola said: “He was the most considerate gentleman anybody could ever wish to meet. He was such a gentleman, a big family man.

“He did many different things, he was very talented. He did building work, he could fit bathrooms and kitchens.

“Stan enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren and great grandchildren. His little face used to light up.

“Unfortunately he went blind some years back and this caused him much frustration and limited his quality of life.

“Anyone who knows Stan or would just like to go to a service of a Second World War veteran, I’m happy for them all to come to the funeral.”

Mr Gawthorpe’s funeral will be held at Pontefract Crematorium on Tuesday, July 2, at 12.20pm.