Universal Studios - Hollywood, Florida and erm....Welbeck?

It's been called a dump, a tip, an eyesore and a disaster, but it's never been referred to as a theme park.

Wednesday, 8th December 2021, 11:03 am
From tip to tinsel.....there are ambitious plans, then there's this.

For decades, Welbeck landfill site has never been far from the headlines, usually for all the wrong reasons, but during a recent search through Google Maps, local man Mark Brothwell stumbled across something rather unusual.

Just east of Wakefield, the map appeared to suggest that Universal Studios - the American theme parks based in Hollywood and Florida - had opened a new park.

'Universal Studio XXS Wakefield' was clearly marked on the map, sandwiched between Stanley's Ferry Lane and the Southern Washlands.

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Does the XXS stand for extra extra small? Maybe that's why we've not heard of it.

Mark explained: "The initial search was for The Old Mill in Horbury, we're off for a meal there soon so I clicked on the map and scrolled across.

"There was disbelief, confusion and it was laughable...even Wakefield Council couldn't land something like that. They'd need a bigger relief road for starters!

"So much for landscaping Welbeck when they're finished!"

But no sooner had the Hollywood hopes of the nation been raised, they were then dashed when the park appears to have been removed from Google Maps.

There is still hope....

However, all is not lost. Typing 'Universal Studios' into the search bar, it is still appears. For now.

Is it an error, a mischievous joke or a genuine attempt to transform the much-maligned tip into a branch of Tinsel Town? Who knows. But it was good while it lasted...

So how does Welbeck landfill site compare to Universal Studios? Here's the tale of the tape:

* Universal Park and Resorts was founded in 1957, while Welbeck landfill site started in 1998.

Red carpet treatment....? Welbeck could be the new movie-making capital of the world.

* Tours of Universal Studios in Hollywood actually started in 1910. There are no known tours available at Welbeck.

* Around 50 million people each year visit the Universal theme parks in Hollywood, Florida, Singapore, Beijing and Osaka. There are no official figures for Welbeck.

* Universal has been responsible for almost 350 movies, including some of the greatest in the history of cinema, like Jaws, Back to the Future and E.T. No movies have ever been made at Welbeck. Even a quick search of YouTube fails to find anything.

* Universal calls itself the "entertainment capital". Welbeck is often labelled as a less-inviting "toxic tip" by the locals.

Universal has filmed some of the top-grossing movies of all time. Welbeck hasn't.

Potential film ideas for the new Universal Studios Welbeck:

- Lala Landfill

- The Toxic Tip Avenger

- Dump Fiction

- Clutter Island

- Reservoir Dregs

- Shawshank Redumption