VIDEO: Butcher "hurt" by comments after his staff were seen bulk-buying supermarket chicken

A butcher whose staff were seen stocking up on chicken from supermarket shelves admits he was left "hurt" by the backlash on social media, explaining that the meat was bound for a nursing home in need.

By Nick Frame
Wednesday, 25th March 2020, 10:18 am

Philip Bennett, who runs Bennetts Quality Butchers that has stores in Pontefract, Castleford, Horbury, Morley and Leeds, has been accused of bulk-buying £140 worth of the fresh meat from Asda in Morley.

At a time when hoarding is being heavily criticised, Mr Bennett took to Facebook and posted a video of himself explaining the actions of his two staff members who were were seen filling up three trolleys worth of chicken during an early-morning shop.

He said: "They do work for me. The chicken was purchased to supply a nursing home that we supply 52 weeks of the year.

Philip Bennett says he was left upset by the reaction on social media.

"They have to have fresh chicken fillet, and we didn't have any in stock so my manager has done what he thought was right and got some at all cost.

"In a week like we've just had it does not even scratch the surface of the volume that we need. If anyone is thinking we are purchasing chicken from Asda to sell in our shops, then you are sadly mistaken.

"I understand why people want to jump on the bandwagon and have a go at us, but I'd like them to take in consideration the good my business does for people.

"Everyone's a bit heated at the moment and grabbing for what they can. We got permission from the night manager and told them exactly what it was for, which they agreed.

"We haven't tried to profiteer on people and anyone who knows me and knows me personally, knows I'm not the type of guy to rip my customers off.

"I'm quite hurt at a lot of the shares (on social media) from people who I know and are trying to jump on the bandwagon when anybody who actually know me, knows we don't do a right lot wrong to anybody.

"We will keep doing what we do best, giving good, honest value.

"I'm really upset and disappointed with the reaction we got."

Mr Bennett says the manager of his shop has even offered his resignation due to the backlash.