VIDEO: Have spirits been caught on camera at 'haunted' town hall?

Strange spectres were caught on camera as ghost hunters filmed at a town hall purported to be haunted.

Wakefield paranormal investigator, Mark Vernon, was given access to Knottingley Town Hall on Saturday, a place that has long been associated with the supernatural.

Orbs of light were caught on camera.

Orbs of light were caught on camera.

And is wan't long before his camera picked up strange interference moving around the screen.

In the short clip, obvious orbs of light can be seen moving, first after just 14 seconds which appears to hover over Mark's hand, with another picked up at the top of the screen after 45 seconds.

Mark said: "It's a location we've wanted to do for a while, and we were only in the room for about 30 minutes. It's some kind of spirit or ghost you can see.

"The place is reported to be haunted, it's built on the site of an old monastery.

"Staff who work there say they keep seeing apparitions on the staircase."

It is thought a young boy feel to his death on the staircase many years ago, while two female spooks have been see walking around in wartime clothing.