Wakefield Hospice and The Prince of Wales Hospice will both shine bright to mark National Day of Reflection

Wakefield Hospice and The Prince of Wales Hospice will be joining others from around Yorkshire in a special lighting ceremony to mark the one year anniversary of the first Covid-19 lockdown.
Wakefield Hospice and The Prince of Wales Hospice will shine bright to mark National Day of ReflectionWakefield Hospice and The Prince of Wales Hospice will shine bright to mark National Day of Reflection
Wakefield Hospice and The Prince of Wales Hospice will shine bright to mark National Day of Reflection

A Day of Reflection is being held across the UK today, with a minute’s silence held at noon and a national doorstep vigil due to take place to mark the anniversary of the UK’s first coronavirus lockdown.

Hospices across Yorkshire and beyond will mark the occasion by lighting up their gardens at 8pm, joining hundreds of thousands of people from across their local communities to reflect on the challenges faced and the loss we have all felt over the past year.

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Wakefield Hospice, The Prince of Wales Hospice, The Kirkwood, Overgate Hospice and St Leonard's, will all take part, joining with local people to reflect on the impact the pandemic has had across our region.

It’s also a unique chance to recognise and pay tribute to those who have died or been bereaved through coronavirus.

Dr Emma Lowe, Medical Director at Wakefield Hospice, said: “We want to reflect and remember the lives lost during the last year whatever the circumstances and pay our respects to those who received end of life care at our hospice, their families and friends.”

Jo Schofield, Head of Clinical Services at The Prince of Wales Hospice said: “We will be remembering those we have lost, both at the Hospice and in our community, and of course those they have sadly left behind.

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"We will be shining a light for everyone the pandemic has affected and in hope that there’s a brighter future ahead.”

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge effect on hospices’ ability to provide community nursing, In-Patient care and wellbeing services, with many having to adapt the way they work overnight to ensure those in need to continue to get the help they need.

The Day of Reflection presents an opportunity to think about how hospices have overcome difficulties to ensure continuity of care.

Jo said: “The National Day of Reflection gives us the opportunity to look back on all we have achieved and overcome together in the past year. Our frontline doctors and nurses have persevered through these challenging times, not only providing excellent care, but offering a much needed hand to hold for our patients.

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“Our community has stepped up to fill the funding shortfall from the cancellation of events and the closure of our shops. The lengths they have gone to and challenges they have undertaken to fundraise is heart-warming and humbling."

Dr Lowe added: “It is an opportunity for us to thank our incredible staff who have served on the front line throughout the pandemic.”

It’s been a challenging year financially for hospices with major fundraising events cancelled, shops closed for much of the year and supporters not able to fundraise in the same way.

Although there are difficult times ahead, the Day of Reflection gives us all a chance to pause and reflect on the past 12 months, remember those we’ve lost and the lives which have been changed forever, and look forward to the promise of brighter times ahead.

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Trees in each of the hospice’s gardens will shine brightly throughout the night in solidarity for those bereaved during the coronavirus pandemic and as a beacon of hope a brighter future.

If you’d like to find out more about your local hospice here are all the details you’ll need to find them online:

Wakefield Hospice: www.wakefieldhospice.org The Prince of Wales Hospice: www.pwh.org.uk

Overgate Hospice: www.overgatehospice.org.uk

St. Leonard’s Hospice: www.stleonardshospice.org.uk

The Kirkwood: www.thekirkwood.org.uk