Wakefield Trinity's Kelepi Tanginoa goes above and beyond to surprise number one fan Maisie

Maisie Hankinson is Kelepi Tanginoa's biggest fan - and even more so now after a special visit by him at her home.

Friday, 1st October 2021, 1:21 pm
Maisie couldn't believe it when Kelepi Tanginoa said he had been looking for her!

The 11-year-old Trinity season ticket holder spent hours making signs for the match against Hull FC on September 17, asking the Wakefield star's shirt.

Mum, Lindsay said: "After games, Trinity players give fans things such as ball, throwing them into the crowd.

"Maisie was desperate for Tanginoa's shirt.

Maisie spent hours on her sign.

"She spent four hours making three different signs and had her photo taken at Alverthorpe Conservative Club, asking for it, which Lindsay posted on Facebook.

"Maisie and dad, Lee, went to the Friday game standing at the front, waving her sign.

"Tanginoa saw her and went over for a photo and gave her a Trinity sock - she was gutted he wasn't able to hand over his shirt, but she said she understood and was happy enough."

The following morning, Lindsay said there were more than 100 comments from people asking if the little girl with the sign got the shirt - a friend replying that unfortunately she hadn't.

Maisie and friend Jack Greenwood at the game - with Daddy Cool!

Lindsay said a week had gone by and the following Sunday, she received an unexpected message from Tanginoa's partner, Evelyn.

"Evelyn said they had been looking for Maisie! They had been searching social media all week trying to find the photo and track her down - which they eventually did!

"They asked if they could come out and see her at home - and bring her a signed shirt.

"They were due to go on holiday the following day so must have been so busy, but they took the time out to visit.

"Maisie couldn't believe it. She kept on saying 'it isn't real, is it?' She couldn't get over it. He's a superstar to her He's her hero."

But sure enough, 40 minutes later, Tanginoa and Evelyn knocked on the door.

"Maisie was crying tears of absolute joy. She couldn't speak!

"He said he had seen her sign, but wasn't able to hand over his shirt. But he had spent all week desperately trying to find her so he could give her the shirt she asked for.

"He said it had made his day that they had finally tracked her down."

Lindsay says she is beyond grateful for what they did Maisie.

"It was so amazing of them. They went out of their way, spending all week trying to find her, then coming to see her when they must have had lots to do."

Lindsay sent a message later that day to thank him and Evelyn once again.

"Evelyn replied saying that he was over the moon. It had made his day to make somebody else happy.

"The Trinity players are just amazing - they go above and beyond for the kids.

"For them to spend a week trying to find her and then making that effort to come out to see her at home, not many people would do that.

"We can't thank Tanginoa and Evelyn enough."