West Yorkshire police officer pays tribute to Odin, the police dog who was by his side for 10 years

Odin, who sadly passed away earlier this month. PIC: Fireside K9
Odin, who sadly passed away earlier this month. PIC: Fireside K9

A police office in West Yorkshire has written a touching tribute to Odin, his dog, who has sadly passed away.

PC Andy Green, of West Yorkshire Police, made the heartbreaking decision to put his dog to sleep after being told by the vet Odin had organ failure.

In his tribute, tweeted by Fireside K9, a charity which supports the retired police dogs of West Yorkshire, Mr Green said he still looks for Odin before remembering he is not there.

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Odin was born on June 24, 2006 and, after three years with a puppy walker, was reallocated to Mr Green on February 4, 2009.

Mr Green said: "We completed a 2 week reallocation course and hit the ground running."

The police officer described Odin on the job, saying: "Odin had that nose to always find them, to the point on us both ending up in the canal at Knottingley and locating four suspects by the canal edge.

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"Odin always had a thing about youths in baseball caps, always letting them know this by growling as they passed."

As a result of an injury on duty Mr Green was withdrawn from the dog section and placed on restricted duties in June 2014.

Odin was also retired the age of eight and spent the rest of his retirement at home with Mr Green.

Mr Green added: "Even the day before he became ill he was in the garden pinching items I was using, thinking they were toys for him to play with."

On the morning of Friday, May 3, Odin began to appeared lethargic and, after monitoring him all day at home, Mr Green realised he was deteriorating and took him to the vets.

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He then received the devastating news that his faithful friend was suffering from organ failure and, with the vets agreement, decided to let him go.

Mr Green finished his tribute by explaining it still hadn't sunk in that Odin had gone.

He said: "Only yesterday I went looking for him as force of habit to see what he was up to, then remembering that he was no longer with us."

West Yorkshire Police Dogs tweeted: "Rest in peace Odin. Thank you for your service and all our thoughts with your handler and family.