Winner of Hillside Fisheries’ chippy competition revealed after hundreds of entries

WINNER: Kirsty Morris with Charlie Tipton.
WINNER: Kirsty Morris with Charlie Tipton.

Over the past few weeks, your Express has teamed up with Hillside Fisheries to offer readers the chance to win free fish and chips for a year.

Readers simply picked up a copy of the paper, filled out a few details and dropped off their form when they popped in to pick up their food.

Hundreds of names went into the pot, but there could only be one winner - and that was Kirsty Morris.

Kirsty said: “When I got the call I was a bit stunned really. You enter these things but you don’t really expect to win.

“It’s my local chippy, I go down about once a month at the moment, but I’ll be going more often now.

“The food is lovely, and the staff are always really friendly. Charlie always has a good word for everybody.”

Kirsty, who works as an occupational therapist, will be entitled to a free portion of fish and chips every week for the next year, and said she would even consider sharing her winnings with her sons.

Charlie Tipton, who owns the Ackworth chip shop, said there had been a “massive response” to the competition.

He said: “We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of entries.

“It was a great success, and it was nice to see a lot of old and new customers entering the competition.

“We have been over the moon with the response. We try our very best to buy the finest products, and we have great staff.

“It goes beyond a retailer and customer relationship, we like to make friends with our customers. It was nice to have the winner be someone we knew.

“There’s only one winner, but I think everyone got something out of it.”