You can now buy this MASSIVE Toblerone chocolate bar - but it will cost you

Here's one for all you chocolate lovers out there.

Monday, 16th December 2019, 12:47 pm
Updated Monday, 16th December 2019, 12:48 pm

This massive Toblerone is more than 12 times the size of a standard bar - and it's been sold online from prices up to £60.

At 4.5kg, it measures 80cms, you can get your hands on it from a number of online shops.

Ebay are selling the GIANT bar of chocolate, which they describe as 'a fantastic gift which guarantees an impactful surprise!' for £61.99.

Fancy getting one of these in your Christmas stocking?

Other sites selling them are Tesco, Amazon, MenKind, Cadbury online as well as many others.

Ebay is just one site selling them.