YOU, the voters, have your say on Labour's Mary Creagh losing her seat as Wakefield MP after 14 years

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Wakefield voters have been having their say after Labour's Mary Creagh lost her seat in last night's General Election.

Wakefield now has its first Conservative MP since 1931, after the result saw Ms Creagh kicked out of the traditional Labour safe seat.

Ms Creagh lost to Tory Imran Nasir Ahmad-Khan in a disastrous night for the Labour Party.

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Conservatives win Wakefield for first time in nearly 90 yearsHe won 21,283 votes and ended Ms Creagh's 14 years as the city's MP. Ms Creagh polled at 17,925 votes.

Mary Creagh and Imran Ahmad-Khan.Mary Creagh and Imran Ahmad-Khan.
Mary Creagh and Imran Ahmad-Khan. | jpimedia

In an emotional speech Ms Creagh thanked everyone for a fair campaign and said serving the people of the city had been the honour of her life.

Wakefield voters been sharing their mixed reactions to the result on the Express Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here are just some of the comments:

Katie O'Neill "66.3% of Wakefield voted to leave the EU in the Wakefield district and Mary Cregh completely ignored this because she knew better."

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Kirsty Kingswood "It's a very disappointing and deeply damaging election result. I understand why some people are happy Mary has been voted out, and I understand why she has. However, people needed to look at the bigger picture. The Tories are going to do far more damage than perhaps a lot of those voters realise."

Darren Gill "Her comments after the result saying that Labour needed to listen to the people was so deluded and two-faced. If she had of listened, she would still have her seat!"

Ed Anguish "The price you pay when you want the support of the people and think you know what's better for them and ignore their wishes. Ignoring the Brexit referendum for your own good was your downfall."

Peggy Owen "We can say goodbye to our great NHS now, decent education, decent pensions, old people's welfare and the kids will all go. It will be back to the bad old days, glad now that I am 88 next month, won't have to put up with it for too long. What's the matter with people, haven't the Tories done enough damage to this country over the last 9 years fit them to see sense? I despair, was so disappointed when I found out this morning. Have a good day peeps."

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Chris Winterburn "The traitors in Wakefield are the ones who voted in a way that sees this result. Shame on all of you!"

Neil Mfc Smithson "Democracy won the day and the electorate voted her out after 14 years , the constituency voted overwhelming for Brexit and she wouldn't have it ,let's get it sorted now."

Ian Dimmock "If you openly disregard the views of the community you represent and are so far out of touch then what do you expect. She brought this about all by herself."

John Brooke "Mary Creagh did nothing for Wakefield and when people asked her for help requests were ignored then she begged for votes."

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Jayne Shelton-hall "People complaining...but it's LABOUR voters that have voted CONSERVATIVE and it's a Democracy that allows people to vote for who they wish....the name calling is just pathetic.....people have moaned about Labour doing nothing in Wakefield for years ...the people have spoken whether anyone likes it or not."

Ross Millar "About time there was someone new. Mary has done nothing for the people of Wakefield."

Catherine Taylor "A very sad day for Wakefield."

Adam Orange "Wakefield has been in decline for years under her, maybe things will change now."

Adam Turpin "About time, she did nothing for wakefield and ignored brexit with a passion."

Elaine Wilson Burkinshaw "You will all be crying when you have to pay for medical insurance."