Young apprentice author has first book signing

Amy Elliott signs her book.
Amy Elliott signs her book.

A Wakefield-born author launched a book at the weekend which has been co-written with an 11-year-old girl.

Frank English has so far published 11 children’s fantasy adventure books since 2010, but has been working with ‘apprentice writers’ for his latest project.

Proud mum Kelly Elliott with Amy and Frank.

Proud mum Kelly Elliott with Amy and Frank.

And his latest literary offering has been with the help of Amy Elliott, who attends Altofts Junior School.

The novel, called The Story of Lemuel Pecker, is about the exploits and adventures of a great spotted woodpecker.

Frank crafted the story around ideas supplied by Amy, and the finished book was launched at Normanton Library on Saturday.

The venue was full with people wanting to meet the writing pair and buy a copy of the book to have it signed by each of them.

Frank said: “The library was not only buzzing, it was full.

“We could hardly move for a good deal of the time. We sold a lot of books - the beauty of wonderful story-telling, excellent writing and very good publicity.

“Amy was awesome. She dealt with the whole proceedings with calmness.

“I was very proud of the way she reacted - signing, dedicating and dealing with customers as if she had been doing it all her life.

“Our collaboration throughout has been a fantastic experience for both of us, and we will be considering a sequel at some time when her studies will allow, where she will be more involved in the planning and the physical writing of the story.”

“It was a truly wonderfully exciting occasion.”

“Everybody who has read it has said what a wonderfully exciting and beautifully-told story it is.”

This idea to co-write the book with a youngster came after years of being invited into schools to conduct creative writing workshops.

“There has been a lot of joy and connection with the children as they talked through their ideas and writing, refining both as they grew in self-confidence and self-esteem.

“The first printing of 100 is approaching the point where we will have to order another batch.”

Signed copies can be bought from