PHOTOS: Inside West Yorkshire's 'Breaking Bad' bedsit where police found explosives and crystal meth

The inside of the bedsit
The inside of the bedsit

An explosive device, crystal meth and tubes full of dangerous chemicals were found by police inside this West Yorkshire criminal's bedsit.

Bomb disposal teams had to evacuate the flats in Wakefield and counter terrorism officers were also deployed after the flat was found full of explosive powders and liquids for producing home made bombs.

The inside of the 'Breaking Bad' bedsit

The inside of the 'Breaking Bad' bedsit

A court heard Vladimir Madle, a 42-year-old Czech national, had also turned the flat into lab for producing methylamphetamine, also known as crystal meth.

This is what was found inside the bedsit:

Among items found Madle's ground floor bedsit were:

An improvised explosive device (IED) cotaining explosive powder in a cardboard tube wrapped in layers of paper.

The tube was surrounded by fragments of glass and held within a container made from layers of magazine paper sandwiched between two sheets of cardboard wrapped in adhesive tape

The improvised explosive device found in the bedsit

The improvised explosive device found in the bedsit

A plastic M&S soup container which held 102 grams of low explosive

An aerosol cap containing 3.3 grams of gunpowder.

A No Fear drinks bottle containing explosives made up of potassium nitrate, charcoal, sulphur and phosphorus.

Pyrotechnic fuses made from lengths of string coated in explosives.

Vladimir Madle

Vladimir Madle

A Tupperware box containing 6.6 grams of maroon coloured red phosphorus powder.

Twelve copper tubes in varying lengths which could be used in the manufacture of IEDs.

A bucket containing a sieve and glass fragments similar to those found in the IED.

A coffee jar containing 53 grams of potassium permanganate.

A plastic bottle containing charcoal powder

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Leeds Crown Court heard the offending came to light on June 25 last year when Madle was carrying out unpaid work as a part of a community order he had been given for possessing an offensive weapon.

Madle was sent to St Mary’s Church in Tingley to carry out the unpaid work and was spotted smoking crystal meth during his lunch break. Police were called and found him in possession of over £3,000 worth of the drug, a flick knife and explosive powders.

Packages were also found in his rucksack which had to be destroyed by an army bomb squad. Officers were sent to search Madle’s flat at Westgate End, close to Wakefield city centre.

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