PICTURES: Yorkshire estate gets a spooky Halloween makeover

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A Yorkshire housing estate had a surprise Halloween transformation last night.

Woolley Grange, which lies between Wakefield and Barnsley, close to the M1, was given the makeover as part of a Halloween Spectacular event organised by the residents’ association.

An old display board now reads “Welcome to Ghouly Grange”, and the estate’s road signs have all been altered to feature more topical names.

River View has become RIP View, The Grange is now The Grave, and Maydal Drive has become Mysterious Darkness.

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The event was suggested by residents’ association committee member Matthew Barlow, and was organised in secret.

Just four people knew that the transformation would take place this week, though the committee said they warned their post man and courier drivers in advance.

Maps have been made available for those who wish to explore the altered estate.

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Charlotte Smith, a member of the residents’ association committee, said: “We’ve got no public services or events, so we often organise events for the people who live here.

“We wanted to do something around Halloween and it was just a case of getting it organised.

“It was a total secret until Monday evening when the road signs went up.

There have been lots of people out there exploring today. I spent two hours exploring with my kids this morning.”

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Charlotte said that Halloween has always been a popular event on Woolley Grange estate, which is built on the site of the old colliery.

She estimates that 120 trick-or-treaters called at her house last October.

“Every year it gets a little bit bigger,” she said. “One of the residents is a fire breather, so he breathes fire for the kids, it’s awesome. It’s an amazing night, people are really good.”