Plan process is lacking

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WHILE the footbridge being built across the tracks at Normanton station may well improve the safety in the area the planning process seemly to be sadly lacking.

On Saturday April 2 the entire car park was relined. On Wednesday April 6 part of the newly painted car park was cordoned off and preparations made to dig it up as part of the construction project.

Is there no communication between separate teams? Why is our money being wasted in this way? Given the current financial climate and the rising costs of public transport the lack of coordination between these projects defies belief.

I have also found it very interesting that the development of a footbridge has begun without any attempt at engaging public interest in the project.

Surely it would be in Network Rail’s interests to put up a few information boards to inform the public about the work being carried out to improve their station rather than just digging up the car park and turning the place into a building site.

Louise Whitehouse

Woodhouse Mount