Plan to open new indoor market in city centre welcomed

Could the old BHS building be transformed into an indoor market? (Google Maps)Could the old BHS building be transformed into an indoor market? (Google Maps)
Could the old BHS building be transformed into an indoor market? (Google Maps)
The proposal to convert the empty BHS building in Wakefield city centre into a new indoor market has received the thumbs up by readers.

FULL STORY: Indoor market proposed for old city centre BHS buildingIt was revealed earlier this week how Coun Nadeem Ahmed believes there would still be an appetite among shoppers for an indoor market if it was moved onto Kirkgate when the current market hall, next to the main bus station, is demolished next year.

A new cinema is to be built in its place.

The old BHS premises has laid empty for two years since the retailers collapse.

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Councillor Ahmed said: “I know shopping habits have changed but I think it’s something people would like.”

And he was right.

Comments left on our Facebook page show the idea to be a popular one.

Carol Wood said: “ Yes. Have always said it would make a good indoor market with a nice cafe upstairs. It could bring the Ridings back to life.”

Kath Johnson said: “Yes, perfect place for it.”

Emma Hatfield: “Yes. Wakefield is like a ghost town around that bit it needs bringing back to life.”

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Graeme D Dunn: “Yes but with good stalls. If Wakefield rejuvenated the entire market inside and outside and used the entire precinct too I’m sure it would help. After all people came before due to the market.”

Marcia Osborne: “The new development of Trinity Walk ripped the heart out of Wakefield. Coach loads would come to Wakefield on market days and all other businesses benefit from the increased footfall. Just make sure it’s planned well and listen to the stall holders and what they need.”

Lisa Woodward: “I think that is a brilliant idea! We need to get back to having a brilliant market in Wakefield. The one in Barnsley is great and Wakefield needs to have a bit of life breathing back into it.”

Jeanne Margaret Forde: “Great idea Love the Ridings and incorporating the market is a good idea. As an older person we need easy access to a market and the car park is near too.”

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Ami-Lou Shaw: “I’ve been saying for months this would be perfect the indoor market. Direct access to the shopping centre.”

Maureen Holder: “BHS would be brilliant. They would certainly make there money. Two floors as well like the old indoor market. Nice and dry for winter. But the council needs to think about cheaper rents. It would look great at Xmas.”

Although there were a few people who don’t think it would be a good idea.

Martin Mchugh said: “No. The local council have killed the precinct. Not a chance of reviving it now and with the planned demolition of the extremely expensive failure that was our market, then this is just another bad idea on top of countless bad ideas.”

Christopher Hudson also doesn’t agree. He said: “It needs to be where the action is not where no one goes.”

The issue will be discussed at a full council meeting next week.