Plans for 250 new homes in Durkar put on hold

Residents protesting against a proposal for nearly 300 homes to be built in Durkar
Residents protesting against a proposal for nearly 300 homes to be built in Durkar

THE FUTURE of Durkar Lane remains in the air after councillors failed to reach a decision on whether hundreds of homes will be built in the area.

Plans for the construction of 252 dwellings were put on hold at yesterday’s Planning and Highways Committee meeting owing to concerns regarding the wellbeing of children at a neighbouring primary school.

More than 60 people turned up at Wakefield Town Hall earlier in the morning after staging a protest over the development proposal.

The biggest concerns of the protestors – which met with a sympathetic response from councillors – were the safety of pupils at St James’s school and the worry that a proposed single access point to the housing estate would pose a danger.

Speaking at yesterday’s meeting, the Revd Canon Ian Gaskell, chairman of governors at the school, said: “I come from a community where 12 months ago I had to run the funeral of a small boy who was killed in a road traffic accident. I don’t want that to happen ever again.

“Come see us and you’ll see that one way in and one way out past a large school is a recipe for disaster.”

Coun June Drysdale introduced the proposal for a postponement of the decision.

She said: “As a local member I wish to firmly propose a deferment to this major application on the grounds that the site visit has not taken place at the opening or closing times of the school.”

Coun Keith Wainwright, who is leading the objectors, said: “Of course we would have liked the application to have been turned down but a deferment is the next best thing for us and they’ve now got to find another way in and out of the site which could prove very difficult. They’ve taken into consideration the safety of the children which is of prime importance.”