Plans for new homes could help revive dumping ground by station

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A planning application to build 67 park homes in Fitzwilliam has divided opinions among residents.

As well as the retirement homes, the application would see the construction of a public car park with 30 spaces on Wentworth Terrace, next to Fitzwilliam Country Park.

Although the proposed site is on greenbelt land, it has become a local eyesore, with containers, rubbish and rubble littering the site.

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The gated community would include off-road parking for all of its residents.

A spokesperson for SPV Land called the area a “playground for antisocial behaviour” and said that the £12 million investment would help to revitalise the area.

They said: “They either leave it as a dump forever or we help to improve it.”

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The street is a popular parking spot for commuters, as it is next to Fitzwilliam station.

Local residents are divided over the plans, with some keen to see the area rejuvenated and others expressing concerns over traffic, with parked cars already a problem on the street.

Other concerns, including internet speeds, sewage capacity and the security of the occupants, were also raised.

Malc Lloyd said: “There is no provision for street lighting and adequate footpaths, which makes the situation even more dangerous in winter and at night.”

But Jenny Cooke said: “Positive investment in Fitzwilliam, this should be embraced! What a benefit to the area socially and financially.”