Police stop woman in Wakefield who drove for 36 years without passing her test

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Traffic police who pulled over a woman for having an out-of-date tax disc discovered she had been driving for 36 years without taking her test.

Officers pulled the woman over on Barnsley Road in Wakefield yesterday (April 3) after spotting the tax disc.

But when they asked for her documents, they found she had never sat her driving test and did not have a full licence.

A spokesman for Wakefield Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “A vehicle with an out of date tax disc was pulled over on Barnsley Road yesterday. This led officers to discover that the female driver had never taken her driving test and had been driving around on a provisional licence for 36 years.

“The woman was issued with a £60 ticket for no tax and a £60 ticket plus three points for driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.”