Police tell victim to solve crime

Richard Moore...stolen sat nav story  tues 11th oct 2011
Richard Moore...stolen sat nav story tues 11th oct 2011
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A THEFT victim was left stunned when a police officer told him to solve the crime himself.

Richard Moore, from Horbury, was told police were ‘short of resources’ and to search CCTV footage himself for evidence after his satnav was stolen.

British Gas worker Mr Moore’s van was raided outside a customer’s house in Armley, Leeds.

A window was smashed with a brick and the new £250 TomTom satnav was taken from underneath the driver’s seat.

Mr Moore, 38, reported the crime to police and informed officers that the crime happened around 25 yards away from a CCTV camera at the gates of a college.

Mr Moore said: “I told him about the security camera and he asked if I could go to the college to try and get them to look through the recording.

“He said if there was any incriminating evidence, I could ring him back.

“I said to him: ‘What, you want me to do your job?’ He replied by saying ‘we are short of resources, you know how it is’.”

Ch Insp Mick Quirk, of West Yorkshire Police’s support services, apologised to Mr Moore and said officers usually asked the owner of the CCTV to check it first.

Mr Moore added: “I was shocked that he was asking me to go to the college and ask a total stranger if I could look at footage from their security camera.”

Ch Insp Quirk said: “In this case it would appear the system in question was not owned by the complainant.

“It would appear therefore that our response fell below the very high standards we set ourselves and we would apologise for this.

“Officers have now spoken with Mr Moore and we are investigating the incident.”