POLITICALLY SPEAKING: Wakefield MP Mary Creagh has her say on the EU

Wigan Local Elections 2015'Ballot Boxes, vote.'Wigan Local Election results for Wigan wards local election at Robin Park, Wigan.
Wigan Local Elections 2015'Ballot Boxes, vote.'Wigan Local Election results for Wigan wards local election at Robin Park, Wigan.

The EU referendum is just around the corner.

Over the weekend, the Prime Minister concluded his renegotiation and the date is confirmed for June 23.

Unlike the Conservatives who are split from top to bottom, Labour is united in campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU. I want Britain to embrace the future and lead the world.

Rather than pulling up the drawbridge and opting for isolation, we are safer, stronger and more prosperous with our European neighbours. Together, we are more capable of tackling economic downturn, climate change and cross-border terrorism. More than one third of a million Yorkshire jobs depend on trade with the EU, through local factories of multinational companies like Haribo, Nestle and Coca-Cola. British businesses, British jobs, British growth and British investment would be at risk if we left the EU. We also know that workers’ rights like paid holiday, maternity and paternity leave would also be under threat if we left. I believe our city has more to gain from EU membership, and I hope that you, like me, will vote for Britain to remain a member.

Express readers will have seen the news about proposals for Wakefield Post Office to be run as a franchise, under plans put forward by the Post Office.

The Northgate branch in Wakefield provides important services for residents and businesses, draws shoppers to the high street, and its friendly staff are valued members of our local community.

With the Ossett delivery office facing possible closure, the loss of our city centre Post Office would be a double whammy.

That’s why I tabled a motion in Parliament calling on the government to intervene, ensuring that the services currently available are kept and that long-serving post office staff are given assurances about their future.

I have also launched a petition on my website - www.marycreagh.com - calling for the branch to be saved. I hope that you will add your support so that we can make our case as loudly as possible to the government.

The Conservative government is also threatening to change Sunday opening hours. The plans risk creating chaos for businesses and bringing in a postcode lottery on Sunday opening. I know how important it is to spend time with my children on a Sunday and that everyone has a chance for a break. I will be supporting an amendment to keep Sundays special, so families can keep one day a week for time together.