Creagh blasts Gove for Trump trip

Michael Gove
Michael Gove

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh blasted Tory Michael Gove on live TV over an interview he carried out with US president-elect Donald Trump.

Mr Gove visited Trump Tower in New York as part of a part-time job he has with The Times newspaper and posed for a grinning thumbs-up picture with Mr Trump.

The Tory MP for Surrey Heath was left facing accusations he failed to grill Mr Trump on controversial issues.

Questions were also asked over whether he should be allowed to leave parliament to do paid work outside of politics.

Mr Gove has a part-time contract worth around £150,000 a year to write articles for the newspaper, according to his registered interests.

He came up against Wakefield Labour MP Ms Creagh on the BBC’s Daily Politics show.

She told Mr Gove: “Your were elected by the people of Surrey to represent them and yet you say, ‘my job out there was to generate news and not stand up to some of the outrageous things that Trump has said’.

“Nothing mentioned in your interview questions his comments on women, which I find disgraceful.

“I think that creates real questions about this second job that you’ve got.”

Former justice secretary Mr Gove said: “Well I think that people will form their own judgements about the appropriateness of politicians writing.”

Ms Creagh then interrupted: “And thumbs upping.”

The parliamentary register of financial interests shows that Mr Gove writes a weekly column “and other articles on request” for The Times. A 12-month contract with the newspaper started October 14 last year.

The register says: “Expected remuneration of £150,000 a year from News UK, 1 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9GF, in return for an average of 8 hrs per week.”

Mr Gove consulted the government’s Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, which approved his employment with The Times.