Crofton drift mine plans to create 50 jobs and £10m for community to be revealed

slob.pic.candidate  Bill Birch (tory) (NS)
slob.pic.candidate Bill Birch (tory) (NS)

Plans to open a drift mine, which would generate £10m for the community, will be revealed in full next week.

New Crofton Co-op Colliery Ltd, a workers’ co-operative, led by engineer Bill Birch, is looking to mine up to 6,000 tonnes of coal per week at a site between Crofton and Wintersett, until 2036.

And the project would create 50 “well-paid” jobs.

Members of the co-operative will attend meetings in Crofton, Havercroft and Wintersett next week to answer questions about the scheme.

Information boards which will be on display at the events said: “Over the life of the mine we will invest a minimum of £10m into the local community through a community fund.

“As a co-operative we consider ourselves to be very much part of the community, and feel that it is very important that we work closely with the local community.”

Up to five trains and eight lorries per week will transport the coal away from the mine.

But the co-operative said the site would be returned to its former state after the end of the scheme.

Crofton Parish Council encouraged people to attend the meetings so that they were informed about the proposal.

Meetings will take place at Havercroft Skills Centre, in Havercroft, on Tuesday, The Anglers Retreat, in Wintersett, on Wednesday, and Crofton Parish Centre on Thursday. The meetings run from 3pm to 8pm.