Election 2018: Independent candidates

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Five candidates standing in 3 seats.

Gwen Marshall – Ackworth, North Emsall and Upton

Ian Womersley – Hemsworth

Wilf Benson, Laurie Harrison and Jim Kenyon – South Emsall and South Kirby

Gwen Marshall 

If you elect me, I will be a much needed independent, non-political voice for communities. I will put your needs and wants on agendas, and will work hard to achieve them. I will fight for real improvements that will impact on your lives locally and press for new home bonus payments to be ploughed back into villages so that we are in a better position to provide:

facilities for young people and the elderly:

well-kept and safe public green spaces and parks;

adequate public transport;

crime reduction measures;

school places and health provision for our increased populations;

grate clearance to help with local drainage.

I will also work hard to protect our green belt and the rural and semi-rural character of our villages and press for community-based village plans that provide increased protection for villages.

Wilf Benson

To me, local problems, especially those of individuals, are extremely important. Your concerns always come first.

Not only am I available every Saturday at my various advice surgeries but you can stop me in the street or give me a call at home and I will always try and follow up your enquiry or concern.

Recreation facilities are fundamental to a decent society. Walking around our

villages I see more and more of our young people on street corners, with loads

of energy and little direction. It’s no use saying what we used to do at their

age – they are living in a different world.

Good, well supervised recreation and community facilities are essential. Projects like Frickley Country Park have been brought to a successful fruition on the agenda is a new skateboard park and the completion of the baths is a bonus.

Finally it has been an honour and a privilege to serve as town mayor and town councillor for 13 years and district councillor for eight years with your support I would love to serve for another term.

Laurie Harrison

I have chosen to stand for election to Wakefield Council to fight the self-interests at Wakefield.

I cannot stand by whilst Coun Box ruins South Emsall Market just like he has Wakefield and Hemsworth Markets, whilst Wakefield Children’s Education and Adult services receive the worst Ofsted reports possible and whilst the roads fall into disrepair.

It is not good enough. We build new leisure facilities that aren’t as good as  those they are replacing and which are unaffordable and distant to many working families. Almost 30 per cent of our workforce is in logistics, which provides some of the lowest paid, lowest skilled jobs and whose jobs are under threat from technology and automation in the next five years and what is Wakefield’s answer? They have none!

Vote for me and I will once again provide our people with a voice at Wakefield. Let’s fight for more than the crumbs from Coun Box’s table.