Election 2018: Trade Union and Socialist Coalition

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Standing in: 1 seat – Wakefield East

Pitch: The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is standing in these elections to challenge the myth that there is nothing councillors can do about cutbacks.

As the failure of the Tory government’s austerity programme to revive the fortunes of ordinary people becomes obvious to all, an alternative is desperately needed.

Unfortunately, in councils across the country, none is put forward. Councils, including those, like Wakefield, run by Labour, have passed cuts and closures to all manner of vital services, claiming there is no alternative.

TUSC argues that councils should utilise their reserves and prudential

borrowing powers to fund a no-cuts budget, which would give time to build a mass campaign amongst working class people to force the government to concede the funds necessary to provide the services our communities require.

But this is not just about council budgets. Councils also have important health scrutiny powers to challenge changes being made to local health services. The latest is the plan to transfer hospital staff into a ‘wholly-owned’ private company which would be outside NHS terms and conditions.

Councillors could play an important role in challenging every step of this and other attacks on our health service.