Labour’s Creagh backed by Ukip candidate

Mary Creagh is defending the Wakefield seat for Labour
Mary Creagh is defending the Wakefield seat for Labour

LABOUR’S MARY Creagh has received an unexpected helping hand in her bid to be re-elected Wakefield’s MP with an endorsement from a UK Independence Party candidate.

Lewis Thompson, Ukip’s candidate in the neighbouring Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford constituency, has urged voters in Wakefield to back Ms Creagh.

This contrasts with the previous declarations of support from Wakefield’s Ukip councillors for Conservative candidate Antony Calvert.

Ukip polled almost 8,000 votes in Wakefield at the last general election but has not put forward a candidate for the seat this time with the local party instead throwing its support behind Mr Calvert.

Ms Creagh successfully defended the Wakefield seat with a majority of just 2,613 in 2015.

In a letter to the Wakefield Express, Mr Thompson wrote: “I’m urging the people of Wakefield to vote Labour. We can’t let the Tories get a huge majority.”

Wakefield, which Ms Creagh has represented since 2005, is a key target for the Conservatives at this election.

Ms Creagh campaigned for Britain to remain in the European Union and voted against the legislation allowing the Government to begin the process of leaving the EU.